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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CET

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proceeds to traditions every day lives and language there's a lot of. good. d.w. dot com the german. hello and welcome to drive in the d.w. motor magazine and this edition the most powerful nine eleven porsche ever made heads on to the track. of all those top of the line estate car ninety. and up fast time guy the i thirty yet. you and diabolik so much more schieffer realizes one day that makes reliable cars
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that even offers a five year warranty with unlimited mileage on every new vehicle but its cars have never been truly exciting but that said to change all this first high performance road car the i thirty. and it's about time just about all the major car makers have a bronnie compact in their range b.w. has the go. out your is three c. the leon cooper and kiya the c. g.t. . power is in and i will not be left behind. the man who was testing the one hundred eighty four kilowatt or two hundred fifty horsepower two leader in gasoline engine version of course there are other cars in this segment and are more powerful i remember this is one guy's the first really hot hatchback that is speedy and responsive and definitely fun to drive.
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the i thirty and has two personalities and there is a button for each the left one is for country roads and i waste it subdivided into three drive modes eco normal and sport. things get really exciting when you press the right button at the one with the checkered flag at the end mode is best suited to the race track you can even custom i set this oil spill on mesh to come on the gulf i can think will be. you can mix and match throttle response steering and suspension seven and more to your heart's content. the i thirty and also sports adjustable valve dampers. and if all that good stuff isn't enough for you there is the performance pack with another eighteen kilowatts or twenty five horsepower and electronically limited slip differential.
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under it's new and brand is planning to introduce more high performance models and stands for now i'm young a town in south korea where hyundai motors has its research and development with thirteen thousand engineers hard work and also from the nerve of the world's most challenging racetrack in germany where hood died has since high performance technology. we envision of the i thirty looks different from its team or siblings. it has a rear diffuser and twin exhaust pipes. eighteen or nineteen inch alloy wheels and red brake calipers. and a rear spoiler with integrated brake light.
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the interior is harmonious and sober. just a few details such as the end love go give it a sporty touch. the headlights are full l.e.d. with black cow since. they are either the hyundai i thirty am is true hot hatch it's fun to drive it offers a great mix of everyday drive ability and sports performance you can roar down a track but also take it on long trips with several passengers or transported bulky loads that emanuel sees it as a worthy rival to the gold the leader of the pack and its class.
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in germany i thirty am starts a little under thirty thousand euros just seven hundred euros less than the gold. but with a few added features and one dies renowned five year warranty. as a competition may be fierce in the german lecture you state or station wagon market says romney but oval has been a successful player for decades it's very night he is a very convincing newcomer to the scene this figure closer look. the city try and carmakers has been refreshing its premium product bring the bean ideas of the third model in the ninety's series after the plug in i. x.e.
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ninety and the s ninety executive sedan. ronnie's testing the deep five all wheel drive diesel with an eight here how dramatic transmission. that's what will only use is to leader four cylinder engines nowadays sometimes you feel the lack of pick up too but the knee five does pack some punch even at low revs and tools along quite happily even though it weighs a ton it is by no means a diesel does. google says it consumes four point nine leaders per hundred kilometers acceleration rooms there are two hundred kilometers per hour takes seven point one seconds top speed is two hundred forty kilometers an hour the d five starts at sixty thousand four hundred euros in germany with all the extras it can easily set you back eighty five thousand. muslims got a steering as impressively tight and speed sensitive you hardly notice it in city
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traffic but you do out in the country and especially at high speeds a steering coupled with a long wheel base in the rear air suspension mean the car holds totally steady as it changes lanes but you do notice the odd bump that has to do with the eighteen inch wheels they are also behind the tire noise you hardly notice the diesel engine apart for some vibration when idling all in all the car is very comfortable. about five. all recent volvo's have distinctive l.e.d. driving like. the ninety just under five meters in length as the typically scandinavian clarity of wind in purity of form. at night good taillights are unmistakably.
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that chunky twin exhaust pipes are blatantly sporty. the digital instruments are well placed and easy to read the large touch screen display in tablet style is easy to use in very intuitive beautiful materials and hence the feel of luxury. if you choose the premium sound system from boas and wilkinson ninety turns into a cruising concert hall with one thousand loudspeakers fourteen hundred watts of power and lots of customizable features so you can focus the sound on the driver for example it is quite an experience.
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sees itself as a premium brand and sets its prices accordingly the very well appointed car running its testing less close to eighty six thousand euros in germany of a ninety is an interesting new player in the segment and certainly worth considering also above all fade. out he has presented a new top model and it's a four range p r as for has a brand new engine that delivers still or torque with great efficiency starting at one thousand eight hundred revs the v six twin turbo puts a good six hundred metres maximum torque onto the camshaft b.r.s. force three hundred thirty one kilowatts carry it from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour at just four point one seconds.
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i knew many john cougar words really buggy is set to take part in the two thousand and eighteen dakar rally in january the all wheel drive buggy has been developed by mini motor sport in cooperation with the x. raying company the body is based on the mini countryman its aerodynamics and weight distribution have been optimized for the extreme conditions of the rally the engine puts out a proud two hundred fifty kilowatts. does instead of a car tester klaus needs of its is convinced that g t two are as is the fastest it's most powerful and expensive the nine eleven ever in seven hundred horsepower engine rolls it down the highway at a top speed of three hundred forty kilometers per hour that many potential car buyers will say i want one but they can't have one name all the g.t. two r.s.
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has ever made have been sold some but that's all the more reason to take a closer look. our test car turns heads and not just because it's yellow it's design just scream super sports car the various air intakes and outlets make the car look more aggressive. this horse power pack has the typically broad nine eleven rear a very conspicuous rear spoiler tops off a sophisticated aerodynamics. interior matches the motor sports minded exterior to reduce weight the full bucket seats are made of carbon fiber they offer excellent lateral support read all come tara in combination with black leather subway compliment the outside colors.
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now it's time for klaus to take it out on the track cut loose. so i think it's the closest portugal's port the moment track it's four point eight kilometers are quite demanding east steps on the gas. the three point eight leader twin turbo engine seven hundred horsepower works out to five hundred fifteen kilowatts making it indeed the most powerful nine eleven ever. lies on top of the klaus is impressed by the two point eight seconds that g.t. two takes the move from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour reaching two
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hundred eight point three seconds. this close takes it up to three hundred kilometers per hour on the straight away. from the mud to. close which is off all the safety systems and opens it up he notes that the steering wheel is slightly damp that means the rear is pushing so hard that he has to hold the wheel as tightly as he can. there's no. things on i'm going. back with some of the plows points out that portion develop new tires for this nine eleven she t two r s they have greater traction on wet roads and considerably more on dry ones the aerodynamics have also been fine tuning the car imports. four
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hundred fifty kilograms of downforce on the front and rear axles combined that tightens both the braking time and the cornering the g.t. two are as can round curves at very high speeds of course not many drivers ever really need that. wards of the car is not only easy for rookies to handle even as a former professional racer he has to concentrate to keep the seven hundred horsepower get under control and in the name of the not so handle. anything about it wasn't easy to handle but klaus still has lots of fun driving it . then he takes it out on the streets where most g.t. two are as owners will end up driving it.
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to g.g. to r.s. is a genuine street legal rescore with all the parameters designed for the track so is it possible to cruise easy along country roads in it for every day driving. the money it seems quite obvious to klaus when breezing along with the g.t. to r.s. is buyers will be the pokey sunday driver tonight he emphasizes yet again the top speed of three hundred forty kilometers per hour but believes it's more a theoretical measure that can only be tested on the race track and for most that will be impossible and it was also knows full well that the g.d.p. you are as is buyers won't want to use it as a workhorse but he insists that all porsche models are built for use on the racetrack just as well as for shopping trips to do so door or just to pick up some bread of. now a former racecar driver takes the g.t.t. you are as back onto the track and open. the throttle to see what kind of driving
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feeling this exclusive sports car can offer. he describes it as a wonderful toy for big oil and rich kids but he's by no means wealthy so we'll just play a little more. s.u.v.s are certainly very popular these days and they're making car makers a pile of money renault launched its first s.u.v. in two thousand and fifteen they kind of jar the models roots however go back to the year two thousand and six. dead in on thanks to the alliance with his son explains our car man under my window
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was able to build on the tried and tested qashqai as its side to enter the compact s.u.v. market but there were no kind of chart is not a clone of the car sky for one thing it is seven centimeters longer and four centimeters wider and inside the dashboard is very different and much nicer torn from kashyap. it's not always the case that the cabins of models that share a platform are significantly different from one another the drive technology is from the cash guy. we tested the one point six leader d.c.i. one thirty the only version that offers all wheel drive. s.u.v.s are rarely driven off road these days so all wheel drive is no longer a given this car the bose edition listen just under thirty four thousand four hundred euros in germany. no says the cuts are offers dynamic motoring fun whatever the. engine to these dead certainly holds true for the diesel version
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that under his testing at two thousand r.p.m. you feel a surge of power and wind that qualifies the sports utility vehicle to as sporty by spots a tool to be a dish also first. as for the styling because it is duly chunky even bullish with the high ground clearance. mat plastics suggest robust ruggedness what sets this model apart is it's unusual curving us. the controls for the air conditioning have a very nice sun like look. the sat nav is definitely renault.
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the cruise control switch is in an odd place behind the handbrake. denotes vent and s.u.v. has to demonstrate some utility and they have that is evident in the back seats they are roomy enough for tall people and comfortable the trunk is also spacious and a match for rival models the prospect. i can pack in some four hundred seventy two leaders of cargo. that's in fourteen months of the infotainment system supports a range of connectivity standards among the options you can use your own smartphone navigation apps or music streaming services and fi and for many potential buyers the bose sound system is a nice extra wide of a device the shell is alfie and. it was
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a solid i like about. the kind of jar opera's what might be termed a typically french right stead of firm and sporty the suspension is soft the shocks do plenty of absorbing on rough roads the steering is smooth but it hardly let you feel the road. there are no cuts yard clearly demonstrates the transformation that s.u.v.s have gone through and instead of stylish off roaders are now more the new family car and that's where the car charge stands out it's roomy and is comfortable even for longer trips as a sound choice for a family vacation for the mr while upsizing. toyota's german headquarters in cologne has been hard at work converting an old haul its up
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beehive of activity. this is now toyota's first museum outside of japan for many of the exhibits the car maker can thank the avid collector peter peter he started as a toyota dealer and hostile in the early one nine hundred seventy s. and over the years will drive one of the largest private collections of toyota's anywhere in one thousand nine hundred ninety he opened his own toyota museum when he died in two thousand and sixteen toyota motor sport stepped in to prevent the collection from being broken up. first the museum pieces were lovingly repaired and resort then pushed into the hall on muscle power and maneuvered into their designated spots among them is this f j forty five land cruiser converted and it was small fire engine.
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one after the other being civets are pushed into place in the hall a vast array of models ranges from the toyota one thousand subcompact and its successor the starlet to the compacts sedans and several generations of who pays to the length loser series around seventy pieces from every phase of toyota's history make up the collection now safe in his permanent home in cologne it's to be open to the public on special occasions. on opening night about one hundred invited guests and pay the patient's family that the opportunity to inspect the complete collection of the piece shirts and toyoda germany's president tom folks officially opened the museum with a traditional ribbon cutting saddest thing i got out the man tom fox points out
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that he runs a car company and that he's crazy about cars. toyota germany has always been well aware that they didn't have any vintage models here to show off. so when paid a piece had died they wanted to make sure his collection would survive intact for posterity that these are the men on the so-called dollar. that's how the toyota collection was born and it will preserve and honor peter peter its legacy. and his son remembers that it all started around one nine hundred seventy nine. his father was a businessman body and soul and he recognized the opportunity to pioneer a new market. in one nine hundred seventy one toyota was virtually unknown in west germany and he got the idea to a stab. wish the brand and get it moving. that's when he started collecting the
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cars and he kept at it until shortly before he passed on. a plane to fill. the museum in cologne not only includes vehicles donated by paid appreciate but also a few from toyota germany's initial collection and a few other private sources. peter junior adds that they came from all over germany from private owners and other dealers people approached him and said they'd be happy alone their cars but they didn't want to sell them. they were glad to see them in a museum or anywhere nothing could happen to. you. because you know. the pride of the collection is the toyota two thousand g.t.
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the definitive coupe a limited to just three hundred fifty one units that it seemed the world fame on streets and tracks in the early one nine hundred sixty s. and went on to write motion picture history in roadster form in the james bond movie you only live twice. three scars like the veteran l m p one can also be seen here. as well as this one thousand nine hundred ninety nine toyota corolla w.r.c. the racer steered by former toyota company rally driver he sold a holder of eight that is old and has been with toyota for a long time now but it's still something special for her to see this or that model in the flesh. and next time and drive it a little bow sweig and with a lot of performance. the full load c.g.i.
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. and steeped in tradition and the racing spirit the chevrolet corvette grand sport. the be. the best.
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the best. the be the best. the be. as you. can it i'm sure two hundred forty million euros in search of a partner. thirty percent of them now follow their partner on. business so much of our special focus on the big three minutes the books. program guide.
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the be. to come. to our learn german. place. with. colleagues discuss it in the midst of spitz's weeks where she juggles a book with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. and learn german for free with d w. are you up to speed on the latest technology. know when it may be time for an upgrade. become part of the future become the most exciting for.
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us i've worked so i have created a new sense new organ and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the shoeman body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. what would life be like as a cyborg whole for would people be willing to go into so at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us what effect will it have been society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this . sideboards shimon machines starting february first on d w.
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move. move. move move. move . this is news live from steve benen loses his perch atop america's right wing media the former white house chief strategist stepped down as chairman of conservative breitbart news that after his explosive criticism of president trump in a controversial new book we ask how bannon's banishment could change trump's agenda . also come.


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